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Monday, May 3, 2021

United Shades of America SF Bay Area episode hijacked by anti-Israel agenda


lara kiswani in her own words

Last night The United Shades of America episode "Policing The Police" aired on CNN. The episode primarily focused on the issue of racsim and police brutality here in The San Francsico Bay Area and one of the people interviewed for the episode was this charming young lady seen here. She's been a fixture in the local anti-Israel movement for several years now and true to form she used this opportunity on The United Shades of America to promote an anti-Israel narrative that has no basis in fact. 

Why do I say that? Common sense aside, I'm married to a retired Bay Area police officer who actually still works in a sector of law enforcement and she has never even so much as even heard of American cops being trained by Israelis. In fact, I would challenge anyone reading this who personally knows any cops to ask them if they know anything about training in Israel. This is just another case of an anti-Israel agenda hijacking a legitimate domestic social issue as a means of self promotion an gaining a wider audience. To be clear, the issue of police brutality and racism in America has nothing to do with the Israel  palestinian conflict going on half way around the world. Don't be fooled by the BS of anti-semitic BDSholes. Take the time to earn the facts and the truth.

W.Kamu Bell is one of the producers and host of United Shades of America. For now I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that he didn't have kiswani on this episode out of any ill will toward Israel and by extension the Jewish people. But he made a BIG mistake by letting a BDS supporting palestinian terror apologist use his show as a platform to promote her vile ideology and lies. Let him know how you feel (in a civil manner please!) W.Kamu Bell can be found on twitter and presumably on other common social media sites as well.

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