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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Israel Solidarity rally in Redwood City today

Despite it being on a pretty short notice and in the middle of the work week, somewhere between 250-300 people turned up at Courthouse Square in downtown Redwood City to show their support for Israel. Even in the face of the bitter situation in Israel right now tonight was a wonderful moment of community, pride and zionism.

Pro-Israel Rallies from Coast-to-Coast, Standing up against terror and standing with people of Israel.

These BDShole morons that one might have mistaken for some kind of jihadi boy band were also there in a laughably pathetic attempt to cause a disturbance. They were largely ignored and ultimately crawled back to the slimy underside of some nearby rocks.

Get involved and show your support by doing a mizvah for Israel.

  Video from today


May 19th Update: Last week also saw other pro-Israel rallies in The San Francisco Bay Area such as in Walnut Creek and in Orinda as seen on this freeway over pass pedestrian bridge.

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