Nice "peace activists" in the photos below huh?

Saturday, January 28, 2023


Back in May of 2021 during the last war with gaza (code named Guardian of The Walls) I discovered a bunch of anti-Israel propaganda on a pedestrian freeway overpass in Castro Valley one day. Needless to say I felt a certain way about that and promptly took matters into my own hands. Fortunately after I took the dumpster photo I decided to salvage the palestinian flag prop for a special occasion.

Well, today was that special occasion. palestinians are currently celebrating the terror attack and murder of 7 Jews in Jerusalem which happens to fall on the heels of Holocaust Remembrance Day. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Not always the case actually because this one is just saying fuck your celebrations, fuck any more talk about a 2 state solution and that I'm looking forward to Israel's response to this latest round of palestinian terror. As far as I'm concerned what comes next isn't just about justice or deterrence, It's gonna be a reckoning. That's all less then a thousand words.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Israel's biggest friend took down Israel's biggest enemy today


A big congratulations to the US men's soccer team for their victory over iran today in the wealthy human rights cesspool known as qatar. And just in case you didn't know, qatar is an ally of iran and has no diplomatic relations with Israel. And spoiler alert, qatar is also very pro-palestinian. The US players get to advance to the first knock out stage of games while the iranian players get to go back to the regime in tehran for whatever awaits them there which will most likely be anything but a hero's welcome.

Because of the particular politics at play here, this match was a rivalry unlike anything we've had so far in this World Cup which is what made this victory all the more satisfying. And for those of you who remember the 1998 World Cup in France, today was also a revenge match that's been over 20 years in the making. In more good news from today qatar also exits the tournament with their 3rd straight loss although they were already disqualified from advancing after their 2nd loss. I guess it just wasn't the will of allah for iran or qatar to have a successful World Cup.

December 18th Update: Between seeing The United States give iran the boot out of The World Cup and today Messi being able to hoist the Championship trophy I'd say Israeli soccer fans had a lot to cheer for in recent weeks. Given today's results you gotta kinda wonder what Messi's note said at The Western Wall.

Monday, October 17, 2022

Israeli super hero Sabra pin up commission by Adriana Melo

I actually digitally colored this amazing Sabra commission by Adriana Melo back in 2011 but for reasons I can't remember now I didn't think to post it at the time. So it's long over due to make it's debut on social media. Especially now with the recent news about Sabra's first ever live action appearance in Captain America New World Order and all the anti-semites that are getting all worked up over it on social media. Please take a moment to have a look at the original penciled commission of this Sabra piece if you haven't seen it yet

Sabra's first official appearance was in Incredible Hulk 256 but she actually has a cameo in 250. Both issues were written by Bill Mantlo and penciled by Sal Buscema but the concept for the Sabra character comes from Belinda Glass. She was married to Mark Gruenwald but other then that virtually nothing else is known about her. Including if she was Jewish or not or otherwise had any connection to Israel.


Recent fan art of Sabra vs the iranian regime's disgusting "morality police" and Sabra vs leftist antisemitic idiot mark ruffalo.

Well, it sure didn't take too long for all the manufactured Sabra hysteria by leftist antisemites to make the jump from cyber space to the real world. Much like how a virus goes from one host to another. Antisemitism works much the same way and like a virus over time it also mutates. Anyways, a couple of these Sabra themed anti-Israel posters were discovered at bus stops in Oakland California this past weekend. So basically it only took about a month since Marvel announced Sabra's debut in the MCU for those asshole leftist antisemites to start vandalizing public property with their idiotic propaganda. Just utterly pathetic. 

It should come as no surprise that almost right next to that bus stop in early May there was a "anti-war" protest organized by code pink and the democratic socialists of America. I used the quote marks because these protestors were not protesting putin's invasion of Ukraine. They were protesting US military aid to Ukraine believing the military aid is what was prolonging the war. I am not fucken kidding, the link below goes to a local news channel's article on the event complete with a video of brief interviews with the protestor's in which you will see just how out of touch with reality they are. Like I said before, utterly pathetic. Kanye level insanity.

Antizionism is antisemitism. The case is very simply laid out here....

See how this anti-zionist "human rights" advocate outs herself as the Jew hater she actually is once she gets sufficiently agitated enough... 

Leftist antisemites are notorious for leaving in a reality of their own making with their history revisionism and so called pro-palestnian propaganda. Well, the October issue of Wine Spectator magazine helps bring reality back into focus with Israel once again gracing the pages of this monthly publication.

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Sabramania with new Sabra vs Hulk fan art & plenty of antisemitic cry babies on social media

So first I want to open up this posting by praising the efforts of Greek artist Kapandais Nikolaos who recently did this ass kicking Sabra vs Hulk fan art. Now the timing of this fan art is no coincidence given all the tirades of various antisemites on social media have been on ever since Marvel announced Sabra's inclusion into the Marvel Cinematic Universe almost weeks ago. 

Unfortunately, her live action debut won't be for quite sometime given that Captain America New World Order won't be coming out till 2024. But in the mean time there's a lot of questions and speculation about how this is all going to work out. Shira Hass is a fine actress but I think even among Sabra fans she probably wasn't the first actress to come to mind when it comes to a live action big screen Sabra. And then ofcourse there's the question of Marvel's re-imagining of the character. But for me there's a more over reaching question. Will Marvel go forward with their plans for a Sabra live action appearance or will they end up caving to what will almost certainly be in the coming months a relentless BDS pressure campaign by antisemites? Time will tell.

The following clip art you see there is actually from Incredible HULK 255, and as you can also see it's a direct prelude to issue 256 which ofcourse is Sabra's first Marvel Comics appearance. Issue 256 has come under a lot of scrutiny in recent weeks and despite having had the issue in my collection for many years now it only recently occurred to me to have a peek at issue 255 and I'm glad I did. You see where it says . . "In the nation known as Israel" at the bottom of that top center panel?
You may notice the name “Palestine” is no where to be found here and the same is the case for the following issue which takes place in Israel. In fact, I’ve read almost everything from Marvel and DC Comics over the years having to do with all things Jewish and Israel and I’ve never seen the name “Palestine” in print anywhere. Comic book writers earn a living by telling stories that are fictional with mostly characters who are also fictional. But despite this, it would seem that comic book writers are more in touch with reality then today’s leftist antisemites. Incredible Hulk 255 and 256 were written by Bill Mantlo and penciled by Sal Buscema, but the Sabra character was actually created by Belinda Glass.
I recently found out that Marvel Comic Books is actually not the only media Sabra has ever appeared in. She also made a cameo appearance in the mid 90s Fantastic Four cartoon series episode 26. Her cameo was proceeded by a few others as The Silver Surfer flew through various parts of the world. I think that was a nod to Incredible Hulk 250 in which we see a similar event that featured cameos of what was then new Marvel characters like Sabra and The Arabian knight among others.
 Also, did you know Incredible HULK 256 in recent weeks has dramatically increased in value? Before all the Sabra MCU drama from the cry baby antisemites on social media you could pick up a copy in fair condition on ebay for around $10. Now the price range goes any where from $50 to $200! Some of the sellers have included a little Israeli flag icon I think that's a nice touch.
On a couple of interesting side notes, both Marvel and DC Comics have had Israeli characters in their stories for decades now. But did you know that DC actually had an Israeli Arab character? Taleb Beni Khalid was the Black King in Checkmate which was basically the DC version of Marvel's S.H.E.I.L.D. Khaild was a regular character in Checkmate's volume 2 series (2006) and made numerous appearances in other DC titles through out the 2000s prior to the DC reboot.


Friday, September 23, 2022

Olympia has Fallen

Olympia, capital of the state of Washington and home to Evergreen college where apparently you get to make up your very own major and where they don't use a standard letter grading system. It's also from where rachel corrie is from. You remember her right? She was the anti-Israel "social justice warrior" who found out the hard way why it's a really a bad idea for unauthorized personnel (like her) to enter sites where heavy construction vehicles are being operated. In other words folks, do not do that.

What you see in the background there is a portion of what's known to locals as the Olympia Rafah Solidarity Mural Project. In actuality however, it's a wall of anti-Israel hamas terror pandering hyper progressive BDS propaganda of intersectionality. But it did at least make for a great photo opportunity for me during this latest trip to this otherwise great state.
 All that aside, this is my first and last time to Olympia. I think it's only a matter of time before some movie studio decides to shoot the next zombie apocalypse film around here, it just has that kinda feel. Don't believe me? Have a look at this walking tour video from just earlier this year by a local who's doing his best to put a positive spin on the bleak cityscape of Olympia's decrepit downtown area . . .

And by the way, earlier this month back in The SF Bay Area we had some anti-Israel clowns playing let's make believe we're tech workers protesting Israel. Yeah let's give billions of US tax payer dollars to the people who celebrated on 911 instead of to our allies in Ukraine who are resisting a vile anti-Western and anti-Democracy russian despot who has close ties to iran and syria. If that happened, you can bet at least some of that money would find it's way into hamas and islamic jihad's hands and probably even into the palestinian authority's pay for slay slush fund. This protest probably has something to do with Israel recently an anniversary of sorts since the beginnings of it's high tech success story which started with IBM opening up a facility in Haifa exactly 50 years ago this month.

 Vallejo California 

Hayward California

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Israel Day Parade New York City 2022

Just watching the Israel Day Parade on The Jewish Broadcasting Service channel today after the 2 year covid hiatus. Agonizing because I have to watch this from The West Coast instead of being there in person but I still find it to be a heart warming experience. But then I saw this Lamborghini and I was like damn, I really wish I was there more then ever right now.

And back here in The San Francisco Bay Area, although not quite the same kind of sweet ride as a Zionist Lamborghini ZIM you can still see ZIM on the move every day around here.

 This photo of San Francisco City Hall is from earlier this month. Not the first time the city has honored Israel's birthday in this fashion but this photo is the best I've seen in years.

About an hour and a half from The San Francisco is Sacramento, the state capitol. Now maybe you knew already that Ashkelon Israel is a sister city of Sacramento. But did you also know that back in 2012 BDSholes from the Sacramento area attempted to appeal to the city counsel to not partner with Ashkelon over the usual anti-Israel bullshit reasons? Guess how that worked out?