Nice "peace activists" in the photos below huh?

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Smooth ride for ZIM on the Puget Sound waters

Rarely do I post about anything having to do with Israel on this blog if it's not specific to The San Francisco Bay Area. But this photo would be one of those rare times. I love Seattle, I love Israel and I love BDS fails. So ofcourse I love this photo of a ZIM cargo freighter cruising the waters of The Puget Sound with the Seattle's iconic Space Needle in the back ground.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Pro Israel demonstration on Berkeley bridge elicits strong response

For many year now this pedestrian bridge over highway 80 in Berkeley has been a favorite site for various left wing movements to "advertise" their agendas and ideology. Now, some of them have been ok with me and then ofcourse there's the really crazy shit I've seen over the years like in the case of 911 conspiracy signage. Well lately it's been all this anti-Israel/pro-palestinian up there which certainly didn't come as a shock to any of us. But this weekend we thought it might be nice for a change of scenery. 

We got quite a boisterous public reaction for the entire hour we were there. The video link below is a sample of that


On something of a side note here when it comes to all things SF Bay Area highways. Despite all the anti-Israel agitation around here this week including at the Port of Oakland apparently you can still find ZIM cargo containers being trucked on any given day. BDS fail, boo hoo : (


May 24th Update: I don't know if the BDSholes who put these signs up at the Strobridge pedestrian overpass bridge in Castro Valley were expecting to get them back or not. Well, I guess it doesn't matter any more at this point because that shit is mine now.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Israel Solidarity rally in Redwood City today

Despite it being on a pretty short notice and in the middle of the work week, somewhere between 250-300 people turned up at Courthouse Square in downtown Redwood City to show their support for Israel. Even in the face of the bitter situation in Israel right now tonight was a wonderful moment of community, pride and zionism.

Pro-Israel Rallies from Coast-to-Coast, Standing up against terror and standing with people of Israel.

These BDShole morons that one might have mistaken for some kind of jihadi boy band were also there in a laughably pathetic attempt to cause a disturbance. They were largely ignored and ultimately crawled back to the slimy underside of some nearby rocks.

Get involved and show your support by doing a mizvah for Israel.

  Video from today


May 19th Update: Last week also saw other pro-Israel rallies in The San Francisco Bay Area such as in Walnut Creek and in Orinda as seen on this freeway over pass pedestrian bridge.

Monday, May 3, 2021

United Shades of America SF Bay Area episode hijacked by anti-Israel agenda


lara kiswani in her own words

Last night The United Shades of America episode "Policing The Police" aired on CNN. The episode primarily focused on the issue of racsim and police brutality here in The San Francsico Bay Area and one of the people interviewed for the episode was this charming young lady seen here. She's been a fixture in the local anti-Israel movement for several years now and true to form she used this opportunity on The United Shades of America to promote an anti-Israel narrative that has no basis in fact. 

Why do I say that? Common sense aside, I'm married to a retired Bay Area police officer who actually still works in a sector of law enforcement and she has never even so much as even heard of American cops being trained by Israelis. In fact, I would challenge anyone reading this who personally knows any cops to ask them if they know anything about training in Israel. This is just another case of an anti-Israel agenda hijacking a legitimate domestic social issue as a means of self promotion an gaining a wider audience. To be clear, the issue of police brutality and racism in America has nothing to do with the Israel  palestinian conflict going on half way around the world. Don't be fooled by the BS of anti-semitic BDSholes. Take the time to earn the facts and the truth.

W.Kamu Bell is one of the producers and host of United Shades of America. For now I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that he didn't have kiswani on this episode out of any ill will toward Israel and by extension the Jewish people. But he made a BIG mistake by letting a BDS supporting palestinian terror apologist use his show as a platform to promote her vile ideology and lies. Let him know how you feel (in a civil manner please!) W.Kamu Bell can be found on twitter and presumably on other common social media sites as well.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Demanding Justice for Sarah Halimi in San Francisco as global outrage toward france's stupidity continues

San Francisco Civic Center

Interestingly enough a short walk from where today's protest took place you can find The Chancery Building on Market Street. There you will see a number of foreign flags with Israel and france hanging right next to each other. Rather ironic considering the current situation with anti-semitism rearing it's ugly head once again in france.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

6 Years now since the pathetic BDS block the boat joke in Oakland California

ZIM north bound on 880 toward Port of Oakland
So here we are in 2020 and commerce between Israel and The West Coast is still flowing through The Port of Oakland as much as it ever was. The BDSholes who pulled that shit at The Port of Oakland 6 years ago took a bunch of selfies with palestinian flags and some stupid signs and just made up any kind of "success" story to go with the photos. That's pretty much the extent of a typical BDS victory. But even in the midst of this Covid-19 nightmare you can still see ZIM cargo containers every day being hauled to and from The Port of Oakland as seen in the photo above. And every time you do it's another BDS fail.

 Speaking of all things Oakland, even in the midst of this God awful shitty Covid-19 pandemic shit storm there may be a silver lining aside from mother nature getting a bit a of reprieve from the impact of human activity. Reem's (Arab bakery with palestinian terrorist mural) appears to have seen better days. Any time of day and on any day of the week this is pretty much all you see there now. No signs about take out, delivery or about a temporary closure. Does this mean we've seen the last of Oakland's Bakery of Terror?

August 3rd Update: In other BDS fail news, English football club Luton Town switched it's kit provider from PUMA to Umbra. BDS was quick to claim it was a victory even though that there was no evidence that the switch had anything to do with politics. Based on an official club statement indeed it was just a business decision that had nothing to do with politics or the BS from BDS. Just another BDS fail, a BDS hoax from those desperate losers clamoring for some kind of victory. Just absolutely pathetic.

 Product of Israel and BDS fail at distribution center in Hayward.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Yom Haatzmaut from San Francisco City Hall

Thank you Mayor London Breed! I think it's safe to consider San Francisco honoring Israel's birthday another BDS fail for 2020.

What a sight! All that blue and white sure looks good on city hall.

On something of an interesting side note, ZIM is featured for a few seconds in a Rimini Street TV commercial. And it's not just the cargo container on the truck you can also see another container in the top right corner and a couple more in the back ground. You can watch the commercial here

April 30th Update: When it comes to all things Israel/Jews in comics here's something. I recently discovered a fantastic story line that involves Israel in issue 2 of G.I. Joe Special Missions (1986). The Joes are forced to make a deal with a nazi war criminal (doctor otto totenschadel) after a WW II German bomber loaded with a deadly nerve gas is discovered stuck in a glacier in Greenland. Unfortunately they come into conflict with a Mossda (Israel intelligence) that are hunting  totensdachadel.

 We learn for the first time as far as I know that a team member of the Joes is Jewish. G.I.Jew Lance Steinberg code name Clutch.

 Fortunately as it turns out The Joes manage to deal with the nerve gas with out any assistance from totensdachadel despite Cobra making a play for the nerve gas for their own insidious reasons. Meanwhile in the jungles of Brazil, The Joes and Mossad manage to work together and storm a neo-nazi compound where totensdachadel's sorry ass is using as a hide out.

In the end neither The Joes or Mossad take totensdachadel into custody but instead simply decide to divulge some rather inconvenient and self serving secrets totensdachadel had been keeping from his nazi buddies that proves to be quite fatal for him. A great story full of WW II history, politics and poetic justice.