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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Israel Day Parade New York City 2022

Just watching the Israel Day Parade on The Jewish Broadcasting Service channel today after the 2 year covid hiatus. Agonizing because I have to watch this from The West Coast instead of being there in person but I still find it to be a heart warming experience. But then I saw this Lamborghini and I was like damn, I really wish I was there more then ever right now.

And back here in The San Francisco Bay Area, although not quite the same kind of sweet ride as a Zionist Lamborghini ZIM you can still see ZIM on the move every day around here.

 This photo of San Francisco City Hall is from earlier this month. Not the first time the city has honored Israel's birthday in this fashion but this photo is the best I've seen in years.

About an hour and a half from The San Francisco is Sacramento, the state capitol. Now maybe you knew already that Ashkelon Israel is a sister city of Sacramento. But did you also know that back in 2012 BDSholes from the Sacramento area attempted to appeal to the city counsel to not partner with Ashkelon over the usual anti-Israel bullshit reasons? Guess how that worked out?

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