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Monday, August 14, 2017

The difference between an appropriate one finger salute for roger waters and one for Gal Gadot

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In Wonder Woman Gal Gadot fought all sorts of manifestations of evil including WW I era German troops and Aries The God of War. But in the real world there is another kind of battler going on against Gal Gadot and all things Israel against the evil forces of BDS for which the hamas ass sucking waters is one of the most prominent ugly faces of. And speaking of other BDS targets of all things Israel...

Walnut Creek
I recently discovered that some of the hardware stores in The East Bay carry SodaStream products. That kinda took me by surprise I wouldn't have guessed that. But I would have to assume that speaks to the continued success of the company so roger waters you piece of shit go ahead and stick that up your BDShole.

September 1st Update: Well well well look who's beautiful face has graced the cover of the September issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. As of the publication of this issue Wonder Woman has now brought in well over 800 million world wide (not counting merchandising), a sequel has already been announced and fans are super hyped for Gal's next debut as Wonder Woman when The Justice League hits theaters this November. So fuck you again roger waters and your fellow Brain Damaged Simpletons (BDS).

September 6 Update: Meanwhile as BDS keeps failing ZIM keeps on trucking through the San Francisco Bay Area road ways.

September 8 Update: And also let's not forget the protests and drama surounding The Oakland Bakery of Terror continue . . .

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