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Sunday, September 4, 2016

My new Sodastream Fizzi from Cliffs Variety in SF

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So today I finally bought a Sodastream machine. But instead of buying it from a nearby Bed Bath and Beyond in The East Bay I decided to go through the hassle of driving to San Francisco so I could buy it from Cliff's Variety. They've been harassed by the BDS movement for at least a few years now and I applaud them for standing up to those idiotic BDSholes because as you can see they're still selling Sodastream as of this posting today. And ofcourse I made sure to let the staff know exactly why I made a point of coming out to San Francisco to buy from Cliff's Variety.

The BDS movement has worked much better for the anti-Israel crowd as a propaganda tool then it has as an actual economic weapon. To say it's even made a dent in Israel's robust first world economy would be giving it too much credit. Although I was recently in Israel you don't have to go to Israel to see that, you can see it all around you right here in the San Francisco Bay Area as I have so diligently documented on this blog in recent months. But it's important to remember that at it's core the BDS movement is anti-Semitic with it's nazi style tactics coupled with it's human rights facade.
Despite it's lack of effectiveness when it comes to hard economic numbers, fight BDS where ever you find it. Today was a small thing in the grand scheme of things but a BDS fail is still a BDS fail which became Israel and Cliff Variety's gain and that really made my day. So the next time you run into some BDShole be sure to ask them . . how's that BDS workin out for ya today?

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January 2nd 2017 Update: Here's a little something I wanted to add to this posting I've had on my iphone photo collection from my last trip to Israel. This seems like an appropriate posting for it.


  1. The BDS movement is just stupid, most of the workers on the SodaStream factory are actually Palestinians, so if someone is going to be "punished" economically it's not the state of Israel it's actually some poor Palestinian men who just try to make a living.

    1. Yep I know all about all those Palestinians who were getting equal pay and benefits with thier Israeli co-workers that lost thier jobs when Sodastream moved to The Negev. BDS tactics have often back fired on them they tried harassing a popular grocery store chain some years ago around here called Trader Joes but it actually resulted in an increase of sales of the Israeli products they carry. But it's not like the BDS idiots actually care about palestinian human rights that's just a front what they want more then anything is Israel's elimination. I'm happy to say they're further from that goal then ever these days.

    2. Well done, Shlomo ! And now, of course, you'll be saving money and energy, making sparkling drinks just as you like them, becoming hydrated, and eliminating a boatload of one-time-use plastic bottles .. !!

    3. yep, Sodastream is just one of the reasons why Israel is a global leader in green tech.