Nice "peace activists" in the photos below huh?

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Golden Gate Souvenirs just inside The Jaffa Gate

This gift shop can be found just past the Jaffa Gate. I'm thinking this is probably more of a reference to Jerusalem The City of Gold more so then anything having to do with The Golden Gate Bridge but I still thought it was a pretty cool coincidence as someone from the San Francisco Bay Area.

The things you can find in the muslim quarter of Jerusalem. Gotta love the irony here at this arab owned shop. It seems they're more concerned with getting paid then they are with BDS or any other sort of pro or anti Israel politics.

Abouelaha bakery in Jaffa.

Bikins and burkas at Neve Midbar on the banks of the Dead Sea. Not feeling the whole "apartheid state" vibe going on here.

And shortly after I got back home from my trip to Israel I found a ZIM cargo container at the most unlikely of places. This is at the Holy Sepulcher cemetery in Hayward CA. I guess they must get some of their granite and marble for head stones and what not from Israel. So much for any BDS around there.

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