Nice "peace activists" in the photos below huh?

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Cal berkekely remembering recent victims of arab terror and steady as she goes for ZIM

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Remembering the recent victims of arab terror in Israel against the back drop of the Israel hate wall. The hate wall is a narrative of lies about the history of the never having existed state of "palestine" promoted at Cal berkeley by muslim and leftist students.

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Apparently it's not just me who's noticed all the ZIM cargo containers around the S.F. Bay Area. The before mentioned supporters of islamic terror have as well. The BDSholes keep dreaming of new terror flotillas but in reality all they have to look forward to are more ZIM cargo containers turning up every where thanks to the continuous commerce between Israel and California.


  1. Never would have imagined an Israel hate wall exists in the US,really baffled about this.

    1. yes the radical left have been working very hard for years now to spread their anti-Israel venom on U.S. college campuses. it's also important to remember that berkeley is in the san francisco bay area which is the most liberal part of the U.S. which pretty much makes this area ground zero for left wing anti-Semitism and support for islamic terrorism. but thank goodness as you can see here there are some smart students fighting back even at the university of berkeley.