Nice "peace activists" in the photos below huh?

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Cal berkekely remembering recent victims of arab terror and steady as she goes for ZIM

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Remembering the recent victims of arab terror in Israel against the back drop of the Israel hate wall. The hate wall is a narrative of lies about the history of the never having existed state of "palestine" promoted at Cal berkeley by muslim and leftist students.

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Apparently it's not just me who's noticed all the ZIM cargo containers around the S.F. Bay Area. The before mentioned supporters of islamic terror have as well. The BDSholes keep dreaming of new terror flotillas but in reality all they have to look forward to are more ZIM cargo containers turning up every where thanks to the continuous commerce between Israel and California.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

5 Step Recipe for Delicious Leftist Anti-Israel Propaganda Stew

1. Repeat inflammatory and misleading rhetoric like "war crimes" and "apartheid" over and over again over again and stir thoroughly night and day. Plus remember to always refer to the palestinians as the “indigenous” people even though over whelming archaeological and Biblical proof shows that is the ancestral and historic homeland of the Jewish people going back nearly four  thousand years.

2. Throw in some out right lies here and there such as how the IDF harvests palestinians organs

3. And don't forget about the lies of omission, very important! Despite the countless hamas rockets that go unanswered by Israel, the terror tunnels, the constant breaking of cease fires by hamas and documented use of human shields no matter what ALWAYS blame Israel 100% for all the goddamn fighting with it's mortal enemies.

4. Be sure not to forget to add a sprinkling of cherry picked facts like the casualty stats of gazans vs Israelis.

5. Always make sure to affirm that you are just an activist who is an anti-zionist only and not in any way anti-Semitic. all the other wars, conflicts and gross human rights abuses in boarder line failed states through out the Middle East are beside the point in your mission as a genuine activist. besides, "international law" only ever applies to Israel anyways.

Should be ready now to serve up to hungry radicalized muslims and leftist anti-Semites every where, especially on farcebook.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

New fan art for Sabra from Marvel Comics
Just wanted to show off this fantastic rendering of Marvel Comic's premier Israeli super hero done by fellow artist Dann Phillips.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

How to deal with terrorists that come to your college campus as so called guest speakers

From U.C. berkeley (ofcourse where else!?) this week. Terrorists like bassam tamimi can always rest assured that they will always find a home among the progressive intellectual elite of the far left student body on this campus. Remember, this is the same campus that invited louise farrakhan for some sort of commencement speech or whatever a few years ago.

March 9th Update: If you're not some useful idiot leftist college student you'll be happy to know that disgusting piece of shit terrorist in this video just got his visa revoked read all about it here . . .

Saturday, February 27, 2016

New freeway billboard for Israel and America in Walnut Creek CA

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There's a couple other things I wanted to share here about matters concerning Israel and The U.S. especially in regards to the anti-Semites and other leftist social misfits in the BDS movement. I work in the freight industry and I see evidence every week of the robust economic ties between the two countries. I recently had to pay a visit to a customer in Hayward and look what I saw hanging among other international flags.

And just out side at their docking area was a ZIM cargo container so obviously they had recently gotten a shipment from Israel and I would like to note that ZIM cargo containers are commonly seen on a daily basis in the Port of Oakland and around other industrial parts of the city especially a bit north of Oracle Arena.

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And speaking of Oracle (an SF Bay Area based tech company), they just bought an Israeli start up for 500 million . . .
so stick that up your BDS : )

In regards to matters in CA. outside of the San Francisco Bay Area look what I discovered outside of the Staples Center Arena during a trip to LA late last year. Eliat is the premier resort city in Israel located at it's southern tip. So the next time one of those leftist anti-Semites who have infested the internet try to run that line on you about how the whole world hates Israel or some other shit like that then by all means share this posting. But they would be right if outside of Israel the whole world was populated with only jihadists and radical leftists. Thank goodness it's not, but there's still far too many of the before mentioned gruesome twosome.

Feb. 29th Update: And back to the SF Bay Area as just a reminder don't forget about the major economic pact CA gov. Jerry Brown and Netanyahu signed a couple years ago insuring continued cooperation and development in everything from cyber security to agriculture. It was a closed door event and security was tight as you might imagine but that didn't keep a handful of leftist losers from showing up to protest across the street. It didn't amount to anything other then a hardly noticeable side show of irrelevant useful idiots.