Nice "peace activists" in the photos below huh?

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Back to the Oakland Bakery of Terror

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So a couple days ago the Oakland Bakery of Terror (with it's wall art of convicted palestinian terrorist ratmea odor who was recently deported out of the U.S. for lying on her entry visa) hosted a signing event for some kind of BDS book which drew anti-islamic terror protests. More then likely that book it's self will actually end up being yet another BDS fail story since most of it's sales will probably consist of the couple dozen or so radical leftist loser participants at the event. Speaking of which, get a load of these characters...

On the left we've got gay anarchist kate raphael bender sporting a t-shirt that basically equates what's going on in syrian cities like Aleppo with what's going on in American cities like Oakland. I know kate you'd like to have the rest of the world beliteve that the American government is using chemical weapons on the people of Oakland with help from the russians but our social ills here are not quite at that level. Ofcourse that dumb ass shirt also has the hamas crap hole known as gaza
I'm not even trying to be funny when it comes to the person on the right but I'm honestly not sure what their gender is or if they're in some kind of transition. But again, the irony seems to be lost on this oh so progressive individual who would by no means be welcomed by the same jihadists he/she feels inclined to support. Instead lets demonize the one country in the Middle East that he/she would be welcomed in. These "queers for palestine" types are really a joke that almost writes it's self and a perfect example with what is so terribly wrong with the progressive left these days.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Palestinian toilet paper for spreading some happy holiday cheer

A truly great gift rather you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas or even both for that matter. It has so many uses including something to wipe your BDS hole. As much as I love this, what would almost be better would be toilet paper printed with UN resolutions against Israel. Just as with a flag for a country that doesn't exist, a United Nazis (or just UN for short) resolution is both worthless and laughable. Ho ho ho you all know it's true. Happy New year

Wishing all you dumb ass terror apologist Jew hating BDS holes a not so happy new year full of continued BDS fails as ZIM keeps on truckin along San Francisco Bay Area highways. 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

The San Francisco freak show after the Jerusalem recognition announcement

San Francisco December 9th
Get a load of the sign that reads "Jerusalem is Palestine". Just think about that for a second, a city that these idiots have no control over belongs to a country that doesn't exist. They might as well be carrying around signs proclaiming that the Earth is flat. You fucken morons should go back to school or at least look at a map.

Israel American commerce in action
Well these idiots can parade around all they want with their over used slogans and idiotic signs at the end of the day we all know who really owns the roads in the San Francisco Bay Area.

See that blue insignia? It reads "American Bureau of Shipping". But it might as well just say BDS fail.

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Monday, December 4, 2017


Well once again trump has broken his promise to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as the in Mueller (keep up the good work!) investigation continues to have russians coming out of the wood work when it comes to trump's filthy inner circle. Proving again that the only foreign country that trump is good for is russia as opposed to Israel or even other allies like Britain. I find it rather interesting that trump is willing to piss off muslims in and around the arab world (travel ban, tweets and so on) as long as it pisses them off in a way that will appease the white supremacists/hard right wing end of his support base. But when it comes to throwing a bone to the Israel supporting part of his base that vote republican and are socially conservative he doesn't do shit if it'll piss off muslims. And I say this as someone who didn't vote for Obama or Romney back in 2012 I decided to stay home for that one after having voted for Obama in 2008. It's really pathetic how right wing Jews and non Jews that support Israel still labor under any delusions that trump is some how so much better for Israel then Obama was.

December 6th update: Like most other people I normally don't like to be wrong about something but for this occasion I don't really mind. But after all the waffling make no mistake about this trump's announcement today is more out of political maneuvering then any sense of altruistic inspiration. In the face of decreasing popularity and increasing controversies with shit like roy moore and the russia investigation he needs to shore up what support he has with is base. He's already pandered enough to the white supremacists but this embassy deadline matter provided the perfect opportunity to appeal again to the evangelicals and Jewish republicans. But I have to admit, this is something I've wanted to see an American president do for a very long time as a left of center unapologetic zionist so it looks like this may be the one thing in the other wise insane trump presidency I can actually support. But at the same time it's important to remember that trump still signed the embassy move waver so really this announcement is just a half measure. I suppose it's at least a start however.

As you can see it's already starting around here. And as you can also see the Jew haters are using the usual history revisionism propaganda and not so thinly veiled Israel annihilation rhetoric.

Wish I could have seen the look on this Jew hating BDS asshole's face (bazi the nazi aka hatem bazian) when the Jerusalem recognition announcement was made yesterday.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Balfour Declaration centennial rally and Titi Aynaw at Cal Berkeley

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I wasn't able to make it to this rally today unfortunately but these great photos are courtesy of a fellow unapologetic and proud zionist who was able to make it. Thank you for getting these photos I really love the signage the Tikvha students for Israel came up with. Next Tuesday November 7th the first Ethiopian Mss Israel (2013) and former IDF soldier Titi Aynaw will give a presentation on campus. I certainly plan on being able to make that event so stay tuned for an update to this posting I'm sure I'll have something to say and share in the way of photos and feed back on how it went.

Weekend Update: Some big name celebrities like Arnold Swarchzenegger, Seal, Gerard Butler (300) and Gene Simmon (KISS) make appearances for an annual FIDF (Friends of the Israel Defense Force) dinner fund raiser which raised a record 53.8 million . . .

Titi Aynaw at Boalt Hall Cal Berkeley
November 7th Update: Sorry about the grainy image, the lighting in the room wasn't great for taking photos but what an interesting and fun night it was at Cal berkeley with the charming and beautiful Titi Aynaw. There's probably not much I could tell you about what she discussed about herself tonight that you can't learn about her on the internet. Among the highlights was her honest critic of Israeli civil society both in terms of what makes it exceptional in the volatile Middle East and where it needs to do better as a Western style democracy. Needless to say she gives a much more realistic perspective on Israel then you'll get from the obsessive compulsive pro-BDS radical leftist islamic terror apologist troll losers who've never even been to Israel but amazingly are always the foremost experts on all things Israel.

No change on the Israel California economic front. ZIM keeps on truckin as BDS keeps on failing.

November 11 Update: Hot damn, the sheckle is stronger then ever. So how's that BDS workin out for ya today you losers?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Bamba peanut butter snacks from Israel now available at Trader Joes

Well look what was brought to my attention today. You can now find Bamba at Trader Joe's and at a very affordable price. I was first introduced to Bamba during my first time in Israel and have been a fan of the snack ever since and although it can be found in some places around the San Francisco Bay Area it can be a bit on the pricey side and not always in stock. A big thanks to Trader Joe's for continuing to do business with Israel and continuing to give the BDSholes every where the finger. In other BDS fail news Maryland now has become the 23rd state to implement anti-BDS legislation into law and Caterpillar's stock continues to surge despite the BDS's pathetic and feeble smear campaign against it for years now. So as always, BDS keeps on failing while ZIM keeps on truckin

So lately I've been featuring a lot of shitty art work by Jew haters such as the Oakland bakery of terror and Cal Berkeley's rag of a so called newspaper The Daily Californian I thought maybe a change of pace might be in order. My wife discovered this guy's art on farcebook and we absolutely loved his work. His name is Yehuda Devir and he's a graphic designer/illustrator from Tel Aviv Israel. He's got a large collection of humorous illustrations depicting typical married life when it comes to him and his wife. A married life I can relate to very much especially when it comes to my wife wanting my attention right when I'm in the middle of something. Devir is also a Marvel and DC Comics fan as you'll see from his portfolio...

Event at Boalt Hall at the corner of Bancroft and Piedmont

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Speak of the devil it's Reem Ass-il from the Oakland bakery of terror in the pages of diablo magazine

terrorist mural at reems
What you see burning there is the little blurb reem ass-il from the Oakland bakery of terror managed to get in the pages of diablo magazine's October issue in the 40 Under 40 feature. I can only assume that diablo, which is a high end regional publication that mostly caters to the more affluent communities (hence forth more politically conservative) of The East Bay was not aware that reem supports convicted palestinian terrorist and murderer ratmea odor (born rasmea odeh). As of this posting Rat-mea has already been deported out of the United States to jordan (good riddance!) as part of a plea deal to avoid jail time for lying on her entry visa about her prior conviction and release through a prisoner swap. If you're interested in seeing some of the feed back diablo magazine got as a result of their unintended endorsement of palestinian terrorism here ya go...

On something of a side note here. reem ass-il attempted to level a frivolous law suite against peaceful activists protesting outside of her bakery of terror with it's glorifying mural of Ratmea Odor. I'm very happy to say it didn't go so well if you want the details...

Oh and look what just showed up in U.C. Berkeley's rag of a paper The Daily Californian. I bet you're surprised to see this huh coming out of a publication from this "liberal" and "progressive" campus where Israel seems to always be in the cross hairs of their "human rights" concerns where as just about every tyrant and islamic terrorist group in the Middle East (not to mention russia or N. korea) always seems to fly under the radar of those before mentioned human rights concerns. By the way this stupid ass snow flake joel mayorga can't draw worth a shit I can only assume that's supposed to be Alan Dershowitz who recently spoke on campus but in this badly done caricature he looks more like Harry Truman.

Remember this video where this guy went around on campus at Cal berkeley waving an ISIS flag and then an Israeli flag as a social experiment? If you haven't seen the video guess which flag got the positive feed back and which one got the negative feed back? Ya I know that's a real tough one so if you're totally stumped with that mystery here's the full video for your veiwing pleasure . . .