Nice "peace activists" in the photos below huh?

Friday, September 15, 2017

Ben Shapiro speech and U.C. Berkeley last night

Ben Shapiro is something of a mixed bag for me. Like with many other conservatives he gets it when it comes to Israel, Islamic terror and the radical left but tends to lose me on positions on many social issues. That being said, I enjoyed this speech last night for the most part and it's long over due for someone like Shapiro who should be allowed to give a speech at Cal for those who want to hear what he has to say rather they agree with him or not. Keep in mind this is the same campus that allowed the filthy Jew hating piece of Israel bashing shit louise farrakhan give a commencement speech with out any fuss not too long ago.

By the way, here's a fun article about if BDS supporters will avoid buying the new iphone X (from Apple here in The S.F. Bay Area ofcourse) that has components in it made in Israel ....

Monday, August 14, 2017

The difference between an appropriate one finger salute for roger waters and one for Gal Gadot

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In Wonder Woman Gal Gadot fought all sorts of manifestations of evil including WW I era German troops and Aries The God of War. But in the real world there is another kind of battler going on against Gal Gadot and all things Israel against the evil forces of BDS for which the hamas ass sucking waters is one of the most prominent ugly faces of. And speaking of other BDS targets of all things Israel...

Walnut Creek
I recently discovered that some of the hardware stores in The East Bay carry SodaStream products. That kinda took me by surprise I wouldn't have guessed that. But I would have to assume that speaks to the continued success of the company so roger waters you piece of shit go ahead and stick that up your BDShole.

September 1st Update: Well well well look who's beautiful face has graced the cover of the September issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. As of the publication of this issue Wonder Woman has now brought in well over 800 million world wide (not counting merchandising), a sequel has already been announced and fans are super hyped for Gal's next debut as Wonder Woman when The Justice League hits theaters this November. So fuck you again roger waters and your fellow Brain Damaged Simpletons (BDS).

September 6 Update: Meanwhile as BDS keeps failing ZIM keeps on trucking through the San Francisco Bay Area road ways.

September 8 Update: And also let's not forget the protests and drama surounding The Oakland Bakery of Terror continue . . .

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Today at the Oakland bakery of terror

Terror bakery owner proudly posing next to mural of terrorist ratmea odeh

I'm sure by now some of you have heard about the new arab bakery in Oakland's Fruitvale district featuring a mural of a convicted palestinian terrorist (freed in a prisoner swap) sporting an Oscar Grant pin. Don't you just love how the radical left tries to conflate just about every problem in American civil society with the Isreali/arab conflict? By the way this happens to be a palestinian terrorist who managed to slip into the United States by lying on her visa application but thank God got busted and is currently scheduled for deportation. I'm sure she'd be welcomed with open arms in France they're so very "progressive" over there. Anyways, I just couldn't think of a better place to get a selfie while wearing my favorite Israel Defense Force T-Shirt.

For more detailed information on Oakland's bakery of terror visit ...

The Walking Dumb at Fruitvale BART station Oakland CA.
I decided to post a succession of photos of my selfie attempts. As you can see even though I was some 50 ft from the entrance (green sign in background of top photo) it didn't take long for a horde of islamonazi leftists to descend upon my like a million persian arrows on 300 Spartans at The Hot Gates. They first attempted to intimidate me by surrounding me and standing within only a few inches of me. When that didn't work they next tried to directly threaten me if I kept on with the selfie shots (even though they were sticking camera's in my face the whole time) and the photos pretty much tell the rest of the story as they got increasingly more frustrated with me. Despite the zombie apocalypse like imagery here I came out of this just fine. There was actually a lot more shit going on here today already even before I arrived with other pro-Israel/anti-islamic terror people protesting against the bakery I'm anticipating being able to add a video to this posting in the next day or two hopefully.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Congregation Shir Ami of Castro Valley

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Some 7 or 8 years ago I came up with that logo you see there for Shir Ami and I knew that they had used it on their web page and on various print media materials (coffee mugs, letter heads etc.) as well. But just yesterday I noticed this new sign post for the first time. How very cool to see my work presented in such a public way.

Just gonna go off topic a bit here because I'm so stoked that they were finally able to post the most epic scene from Wonder Woman on youtube with out it getting yanked down by the studios. Wonder Woman ticket sales soared past the 700 million mark last weekend so basically BDS bounces off Gal Gadot like bullets bounce off Wonder Woman's bracelets and shield.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


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My Tunisian flag doggy door mat 
I'm sure by now some of you have heard that the failed state islamist shit hole known as tunisia has followed another failed state islamist shit hole known as lebanon in banning the Wonder Woman film because of it's leading lady. That's ok though the movie has been at the top of the box office in ticket sales for two weekends in a row now and I'm pretty sure no one was counting on those two islamist shit holes as being promising markets for the film in the first place. So we can count on this as just the latest in a long line of BDS fails. And speaking of which, Kansas has just become the 21st state to now have anti-BDS laws.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Sacramento and Castro Valley on Memorial Day weekend

Vietnam War Memorial
For this Memorial Day weekend I decided to take a little trip out to Sacramento. I don't make it out to Sacramento all that often but when I do I always swing by the war memorials near the capital building. I love those memorials from both the stand point of what they represent and as public art.

California Veterans Memorial
So like I said there's some great stuff to look at around the capital building I hope you'll take the time to check it out if you ever happen to be around here.

Castro Valley Veterans Memorial
Unlike Sacramento which was hot and sunny this weekend Castro Valley along with the rest of the East Bay is quite the opposite. Which is unfortunate because a little sun and a breeze to make the flag wave a bit would have made this photo turn out better. That aside this single photo really doesn't do the Castro Valley Veterans Memorial justice or show it in it's entirety. It really is a beautiful work of art along with it's historical and symbolic significance. It's also fairly new, only 4 years old now as of today. It even pays tribute to the Coast Guard and Merchant Marines along with ofcourse the army, Navy, air force and marines.

Friday, May 12, 2017

my name is rachel corrie is no Hamilton apparently

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So for two Sunday's in a row The Magic Theater (never heard of this place until this shit) in San Francisco has been featuring a one person play called "my name is rachel corrie". Some of you may remember rachel corrie (anti-Israel, pro-hamas, pro-BDS radical leftist) who thought it would be a good idea to get in the way of a CATERPILLAR bulldozer in the middle of a terror tunnel clearing operation. And in doing so she found out the hard way why areas that have heavy construction vehicles in operation always have posted warning signs about unauthorized personal entering the area. Anyways, the anti-Israel BDS (Brain Damaged Simpletons) have turned corrie into quite the propaganda dog n' pony show ever since and this stupid play is just the latest example.

This posting proudly sponsored by Caterpillar
However it's actually the latest in a long line of BDS fails. It should also be noted that the corrie family tried to sue Caterpillar but like this play it went no where. See all those brown squares in the seating chart? Those are all empty seats as of the Friday night before the Sunday show of last weekend which was the final act. Now keep in mind this is already a pretty small venue as you can see and this shit is going on in San Francisco which should be pretty friendly territory to leftist shit like this. Yeah, when it comes to the performing arts I don't see "my name is rachel corrie" taking the spot light from Hamilton any time soon.

The two BDSholes who go under the youtube handle of "engineer" and "jung balosse" know exactly what this guy feels like : )

Pleasanton California Highway 580    May 12
And as BDS keeps on failing, ZIM keeps on truckin.