Nice "peace activists" in the photos below huh?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How's that BDS workin out for ya? Part 2

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Oh boy did I see a lot of ZIM cargo containers between Oakland and Berkeley today and as you can see I got some good photos. 

Mt. ZIM, too high a mountain for BDSholes to ever climb.

I see you hiding there not so little ZIM cargo container behind those elevated bart (Bay Area Rapid Transit) tracks.

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"Keep on truckin". I saw at least a couple of ZIM containers being hauled today but this one was special because it was going south bound on 80 through the progressive radical leftist cesspool known as Berkeley. I mean seriously the official tag line that should go along with ZIM logos might as well be "How's that BDS workin out for ya?". I think the California Israel Chamber of Commerce located about an hour south in Sunnyvale must be pretty busy these days . . .

Sunday, August 7, 2016

So how's that BDS workin out for ya?

Israeli American shipping line ZIM
I took these pictures right off of highway 880 near the Port of Oakland a few days ago. Did you know that the Port of Oakland is the 5th busiest container port in the entire United States? Yeah, no kidding. So to all islamic terror apologist radical leftists here in the San Francisco Bay Area who spend most of their waking hours on the internet talking about how your nazi style economic warfare on Israel is some how "winning" I just gotta ask you one question . . .

Israeli American shipping line ZIM
How's that BDS workin out for ya? Well I'd say it is winning, but only if BDS stands for bullshit, desperation and stupidity.

But what else can you expect from the same sort of radical leftist hypocritical degenerates who try to hijack just about any domestic issue in order to push their own anti-Israel political agenda even if those local domestic issues have no connection what's so ever with the Israel's war with the iranian regime backed hamas ruled gaza strip? With all the gross human rights violations by tyrants and jihadists through out the entire Middle East it's only Israel that gets singled out for having any association with social justice issues here in the U.S.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The fiction that is the palestinians as told in The San Francisco Chronicle from May 14th 1948

Please take a few moments to check out this blog posting by my fellow zionist here in The San Francisco Bay Area. See how this archival newspaper article destroys the myth of the independent  state called "palestine" and it's people the "palestinians". A myth that is fiercely peddled by the pathological radical left much to the delight of tyrants and jihadists alike through out the muslim world . . .

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Had to retire my ZionMobile today

After having had this 93 Honda Civic for 10 years I finally had to say good bye to it. It was probably the most mechanically sound used car I've ever owned it never failed a single smog test to. But even with 205,000 miles on it and still running relativity well it was never the less time to move on. Kinda had this shitty feeling come over me when I drove the car to the auto salvage yard like when you have to take a terminally ill pet to get euthanized. Anyways, I know this doesn't make for the most interesting of postings but I just felt like I had to do something after 10 years of loyal and reliable service from this work horse. Just like with The Millennium Falcon she didn't look like much but she had it where it counts.

This also would have made a great bumper sticker left click to enlarge

Monday, July 4, 2016

In honor of so called al quds day this year

The filthy iranian regime is responsible for a number of horrible things such as sponsoring shiite terrorism around the world and the annual Holocaust denial cartoon contest. To no surprise they also started another filthy annual event known as "al-quds" (arabic for Jerusalem) day. It's a Jew hate fest filled with glorification of islamic terrorism and the infamous "Death to America" and "from the river to the sea . . . " chants pro-pali types around the world love to repeat like a broken record. Meet the new persian empire, same as the old persian empire. But as seen in my most recent trip to Israel there is only one Jerusalem and it very obviously is not ruled by iran or the palis . . .

Friday, June 24, 2016

Bill Clinton appearance in Hayward California

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So only two days after I got back from Israel (June 5th) Big Willy Styles appeared in downtown Hayward on a speaking tour to make the case for Hillary's presidential bid during the California primaries. Although during his Hayward speech he didn't touch on the Israeli Arab conflict but less then a month before he came to the defense of his wife who was being heckled by some leftard about gaza. Bill stepped in and set the record straight on that whole thing. As he put it "I killed myself trying to give the palestinians a state, we had a deal they turned it down". He also went on to speak to the issue of how hamas uses human shields and the impossible situation that puts Israel in. A video of the incident can be seen at the link below . . .


June 28th Update: Here's my latest ZIM photo as you know may know I like to take pictures of local ZIM cargo containers when ever I see one and post em. It's a constant reminder of the boisterous commerce between Israel and California and by extension America. And it's also a nice FU to BDS. And more to the point look at what can be found at grocery stores in Castro Valley of all places.

Castro Valley

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Golden Gate Souvenirs just inside The Jaffa Gate

This gift shop can be found just past the Jaffa Gate. I'm thinking this is probably more of a reference to Jerusalem The City of Gold more so then anything having to do with The Golden Gate Bridge but I still thought it was a pretty cool coincidence as someone from the San Francisco Bay Area.

The things you can find in the muslim quarter of Jerusalem. Gotta love the irony here at this arab owned shop. It seems they're more concerned with getting paid then they are with BDS or any other sort of pro or anti Israel politics.

Abouelaha bakery in Jaffa.

Bikins and burkas at Neve Midbar on the banks of the Dead Sea. Not feeling the whole "apartheid state" vibe going on here.

And shortly after I got back home from my trip to Israel I found a ZIM cargo container at the most unlikely of places. This is at the Holy Sepulcher cemetery in Hayward CA. I guess they must get some of their granite and marble for head stones and what not from Israel. So much for any BDS around there.