Nice "peace activists" in the photos below huh?

Friday, November 3, 2017

Balfour Declaration centennial rally and Titi Aynaw at Cal Berkeley

Left click to enlarge

I wasn't able to make it to this rally today unfortunately but these great photos are courtesy of a fellow unapologetic and proud zionist who was able to make it. Thank you for getting these photos I really love the signage the Tikvha students for Israel came up with. Next Tuesday November 7th the first Ethiopian Mss Israel (2013) and former IDF soldier Titi Aynaw will give a presentation on campus. I certainly plan on being able to make that event so stay tuned for an update to this posting I'm sure I'll have something to say and share in the way of photos and feed back on how it went.

Weekend Update: Some big name celebrities like Arnold Swarchzenegger, Seal, Gerard Butler (300) and Gene Simmon (KISS) make appearances for an annual FIDF (Friends of the Israel Defense Force) dinner fund raiser which raised a record 53.8 million . . .

Titi Aynaw at Boalt Hall Cal Berkeley
November 7th Update: Sorry about the grainy image, the lighting in the room wasn't great for taking photos but what an interesting and fun night it was at Cal berkeley with the charming and beautiful Titi Aynaw. There's probably not much I could tell you about what she discussed about herself tonight that you can't learn about her on the internet. Among the highlights was her honest critic of Israeli civil society both in terms of what makes it exceptional in the volatile Middle East and where it needs to do better as a Western style democracy. Needless to say she gives a much more realistic perspective on Israel then you'll get from the obsessive compulsive pro-BDS radical leftist islamic terror apologist troll losers who've never even been to Israel but amazingly are always the foremost experts on all things Israel.

No change on the Israel California economic front. ZIM keeps on truckin as BDS keeps on failing.

November 11 Update: Hot damn, the sheckle is stronger then ever. So how's that BDS workin out for ya today you losers?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Bamba peanut butter snacks from Israel now available at Trader Joes

Well look what was brought to my attention today. You can now find Bamba at Trader Joe's and at a very affordable price. I was first introduced to Bamba during my first time in Israel and have been a fan of the snack ever since and although it can be found in some places around the San Francisco Bay Area it can be a bit on the pricey side and not always in stock. A big thanks to Trader Joe's for continuing to do business with Israel and continuing to give the BDSholes every where the finger. In other BDS fail news Maryland now has become the 23rd state to implement anti-BDS legislation into law and Caterpillar's stock continues to surge despite the BDS's pathetic and feeble smear campaign against it for years now. So as always, BDS keeps on failing while ZIM keeps on truckin

So lately I've been featuring a lot of shitty art work by Jew haters such as the Oakland bakery of terror and Cal Berkeley's rag of a so called newspaper The Daily Californian I thought maybe a change of pace might be in order. My wife discovered this guy's art on farcebook and we absolutely loved his work. His name is Yehuda Devir and he's a graphic designer/illustrator from Tel Aviv Israel. He's got a large collection of humorous illustrations depicting typical married life when it comes to him and his wife. A married life I can relate to very much especially when it comes to my wife wanting my attention right when I'm in the middle of something. Devir is also a Marvel and DC Comics fan as you'll see from his portfolio...

Event at Boalt Hall at the corner of Bancroft and Piedmont

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Speak of the devil it's Reem Ass-il from the Oakland bakery of terror in the pages of diablo magazine

terrorist mural at reems
What you see burning there is the little blurb reem ass-il from the Oakland bakery of terror managed to get in the pages of diablo magazine's October issue in the 40 Under 40 feature. I can only assume that diablo, which is a high end regional publication that mostly caters to the more affluent communities (hence forth more politically conservative) of The East Bay was not aware that reem supports convicted palestinian terrorist and murderer ratmea odor (born rasmea odeh). As of this posting Rat-mea has already been deported out of the United States to jordan (good riddance!) as part of a plea deal to avoid jail time for lying on her entry visa about her prior conviction and release through a prisoner swap. If you're interested in seeing some of the feed back diablo magazine got as a result of their unintended endorsement of palestinian terrorism here ya go...

On something of a side note here. reem ass-il attempted to level a frivolous law suite against peaceful activists protesting outside of her bakery of terror with it's glorifying mural of Ratmea Odor. I'm very happy to say it didn't go so well if you want the details...

Oh and look what just showed up in U.C. Berkeley's rag of a paper The Daily Californian. I bet you're surprised to see this huh coming out of a publication from this "liberal" and "progressive" campus where Israel seems to always be in the cross hairs of their "human rights" concerns where as just about every tyrant and islamic terrorist group in the Middle East (not to mention russia or N. korea) always seems to fly under the radar of those before mentioned human rights concerns. By the way this stupid ass snow flake joel mayorga can't draw worth a shit I can only assume that's supposed to be Alan Dershowitz who recently spoke on campus but in this badly done caricature he looks more like Harry Truman.

Remember this video where this guy went around on campus at Cal berkeley waving an ISIS flag and then an Israeli flag as a social experiment? If you haven't seen the video guess which flag got the positive feed back and which one got the negative feed back? Ya I know that's a real tough one so if you're totally stumped with that mystery here's the full video for your veiwing pleasure . . .

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Nice paint job!

Spotted this 72 Chevy El Comino yesterday in downtown Danville. Needless to say the nice color scheme got my attention.

Here's a couple other good examples of that nicely applied color scheme.

And even some more examples of at least within the ball park of the before mentioned color scheme. Believe it or not it doesn't always have to be about politics and ideology with me....

.... and it's back to politics and BDS fails : )

Thursday, September 28, 2017

More BDS fails at Trader Joes, ZIM, Mexico and Conan Obrien in Israel

How about another round for you terror apologists of the bitter taste of BDS fail compliments of Trader Joe's again? Last week (see previous posting) it was chardonnay and this week even more varietals of Israeli wines were spotted in Bay Area Trader Joe's stores although I'm not going to say which stores. If you Jew haters wanna go try and vandalize them or carry out some lame ass flash mob routine you're gonna have to search every single Trader Joe's in the entire metro region of The San Francisco Bay Area so screw all of you with your Bored, Desperate and Stupid lives (BDS).

And while you leftist Jew haters are wasting what time you have on this earth with your failed and useless lives just know that ZIM cargo containers filled with Israeli goods are still truckin every day through S.F. Bay Area highways. Ya know when you think about it you might say BDS is the proverbial road kill.

And lastly I wanted to give a shout out to Conan O'Brien for his fantastic youtube video series of his time in Israel. That shit has been cracking me up with everything from his visit to the Waze headquarters, training with female IDF soldiers and practicing how to haggle with Arab merchants. I thought his prior videos of Gal Gadot's guest appearances on his late night show were pretty good but this series with him in Israel really knocks it out of the park.

Also can't leave this posting with out giving a shout out to the Israeli team teams in Mexico helping out the people down there with state of the art Israeli tech that can help detect earthquake victims trapped in the rubble. Can't even imagine what that must be like!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

New BDS fail with Trader Joes

This was recently spotted at a Bay Area Trader Joe's. Now keep in mind that a few years ago Trader Joe's stores were targeted by BDS harassment in the form of vandalism and an online smear campaign for carrying Israeli products and basically told the BDSholes to fuck off. Last I heard Trader Joe's as a company wasn't exactly hurtin for business as any body who frequents them can tell you. BDS fails really make my day even when it's just little stuff like this.

Just recently got back from a trip to Hawaii and among other things I went to the US Army Museum in Honolulu. They had a whole section devoted to the 34th secretary of defense Eric Ken Shinseki who's from Hawaii. The man had a fascinating life and military career but I found this particular exhibit to be of special interest as it chronicles the brothers in arms like historical collaborative relationship between US and Israeli armed forces.

All too often the idea of being pro-Israel is synonymous with being pro-trump which I think is ridiculous. Especially given that he broke all his campaign promises to Israel and certainly Charlottesville showed us that the anti-Semitic white supremacists in his base are more important to him then any pro-Israel supporters of his. And let's not forget about the classified Israeli intel that trump leaked to the russians right after he fired James Comey. It couldn't be more obvious that trump seems to be more pro-russia then any other foreign country ally or otherwise. So aside from all that and with trump being an over all jack ass and disgrace to the office I felt inclined to express my self at this trump property which was just a few blocks from where I was staying at in Waikiki Beach.

September 25 Update: Case and point about what a jack ass trump is. This is only the morning of my second day back from Hawaii and already trump is embroiled in a new controversy of his own making which actually started yesterday with the NFL. I gotta tell ya, I had some real mixed feelings about that whole thing with Kapernick before and I'm no fan of Black Lives Matter even though I took issue with most of those police shootings. But between that, and the more recent shit with the confederate monuments and now trump's childish and divisive tantrums at the NFL on twitter I have no problem with those players who choose to take a knee during the national anthem. Same goes for those who still choose to stand I get that to, it's all part of being an American.

Let me get back to Middle East matters for a moment with a quick geography lesson. This is a picture I took with my iphone of a section of a huge wall map I came across a couple weeks ago. See any place called "palestine" on it? End of lesson.
Lesson number 2, you see those flags to the left? Those belong to countries that actually exist and among other things you can find them on any geographic map. It's just that simple it takes a special kind of stupid to not get it.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Ben Shapiro speech and U.C. Berkeley last night

Ben Shapiro is something of a mixed bag for me. Like with many other conservatives he gets it when it comes to Israel, Islamic terror and the radical left but tends to lose me on positions on many domestic social issues. That being said, I enjoyed this speech last night for the most part and it's long over due for someone like Shapiro who should be allowed to give a speech at Cal for those who want to hear what he has to say rather they agree with him or not. Keep in mind this is the same campus that allowed the filthy Jew hating piece of Israel bashing shit louise farrakhan to give a commencement speech with out any fuss not too long ago.

By the way, here's a fun article about if BDS supporters will avoid buying the new iphone X (from Apple here in The S.F. Bay Area ofcourse) because it has components in it made in Israel ....