Nice "peace activists" in the photos below huh?

Sunday, October 14, 2018

2018 Inaugural WONDER WOMAN race in downtown Oakland

So yesterday I decided to check out this race because of the whole Wonder Woman theme. The fact that it was going on not too far from me and not early in the morning was a plus.

Little did I know that it would be something more along the lines of a Wonder Woman convention then the sort of set ups I usually expect to see at race events like this. A whole bunch of tents and booths that had everything from Wonder Woman merchandising (both running gear and non running gear) to free ice cream.

There was even a cover band playing the whole time that was doing justice to a wide genre of classic artists ranging from Van Halen to Bryan Adams to Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin. They were even playing some contemporary artists like Bruno Mars. The back drop to the band was this this huge video monitor playing various clips from the original Wonder Woman series, a number of the animated features over the years and scenes from Gal Gadot's cinematic Wonder Woman appearances.

Lots of fun props for both the racers and random Wonder Woman fans who just happened to be there.

Most of the runners had Wonder Woman themed cosplay running outfits as you would expect.

Did I mention it was a pet friendly venue?

I even got a great shot of the Tribune Tower after night fall.

October 23rd Update: Going a little off topic here I just wanted to mention if you ever happen to be in the Detroit area you gotta check out Greek Town in the Detroit downtown area.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Marching for Israel at The 2018 Solano Stroll

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Happy Shona Tova! As you can see it was quite a nice day during the annual Solano Stroll street fair which stretches down Solano Avenue from Berkeley to Albany. There were also some of the garden variety leftist anti-Israel/pro-terror losers present but it was what I saw stuck on a cross walk light on Lakeshore avenue shortly after wards when I stopped for a bite to eat in Oakland.

Look at this crap. I like how these radical leftists are always using terms that make no sense to the situation. The "palestinians" today are the descendants of arab migration into the Kingdom of Judea (Biblical Israel) centuries after it had been occupied by foreign powers so really who's the actual colonizer here? Oh and on top of that let's go after Israel about everything that makes it exceptional in the Middle East such as it's liberal laws when it comes to LGBT rights or like this sticker does against Israel's cutting edge green technology. God forbid they should go after any other country in The Middle East that's full of everything that's wrong about the region such as tyrants that brutalize their own populations, religious extremism, tribalism, islamic terror, rampant corruption and dysfunction. I guess the leftists who came up with this idiotic sticker didn't stop to think for a minute that sending kites and balloons carrying fire bombs to burn acres of forests and farm land isn't exactly green either. Same goes for burning tires, it's all eco-terrorism and there's nothing green about it. This sort of delegitimization, demonetization and double standard is the hall mark of modern anti-Semitism as mostly practiced by the radical left.

Monday, June 25, 2018


Meanwhile, ZIM keeps on trucking in The Bay Area as BDS keeps on failing. These shots came from around Oakland last week.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Nikki Haley a real life Wonder Woman fighting the evil forces at the UN

Just got done watching Nikki Haley's amazing speech at United Nazis (or UN for short). She was brilliant! She squarely laid the blame on hamas for all this shit and reminded the world that hamas is backed by the iranian regime which fired 20 missiles into Israel from syria just last week. She even brought up the swastika kite eco-terror tactics (missed by the media) utilized by the "peaceful protesters" that have been trying to swarm the Israel boarder for weeks now. Haley also blasted the UN's so called security council for once again not having it's priorities straight and obsessing over Israel with it's hypocrisy and bias. Thank you Nikki Haley for debunking yet again the latest hamas produced Pallywood production I wish you were our president!

Israel's eternal and undivided capital Jerusalem

Meanwhile in San Franpsycho today all Hell has broken loose...

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Pathetic feeble Land Day pro-gaza pro-hamas anti-Israel protest in San Franpsycho April 14 2018

With the latest chemical attack by the syrian regime against it's own people and the subsequent retaliatory missile attack by the U.S., Britain and France the radical left have become increasingly more desperate to turn the world's attention back to the hamas orchestrated gaza riots on the Israeli boarder. Oh well, it at least gave me the opportunity to go to SF and get some fun selfies.

Unfortunately for the pro-hamas leftists these other nut jobs were already in the plaza only about 50 feet away from where the leftists decided to set up their sorry ass protest. These "Black Hebrew Israelites" guys are not actually Jewish or have anything to do with Israel but they put the leftists in the position of having to compete for the public's attention which I thought was funny. I don't really know too much about these guys but I have seen them around before and aside from their rather unique interpretation of The Bible it seems that they're not too fond of white folks. And unknown to me before today they aren't exactly pro-choice either I'm guessing with that "Abortion is Klan Parent Hood" sign.

As always, the pro-hamas/pro-gaza riots/anti-Israel protest was filled with the usual trouble consisting of thugs dressed as the terrorists they claim not to support. And then ofcourse, what would any kind radical left wing protest in San Francisco be with out at least a few dip shit hippie left overs from the 60s like this moron with his green mustache and propeller cap. I actually recognize that idiot from the ill fated occupy wall street days in downtown Oakland. We chatted for a bit and believe me he's as stupid as he looks . . .

 Here's a couple short videos from today in which these leftists are having a fit about having their public freak show rally filmed...

April 15th Update: Speaking of leftist freaks from San Francisco yesterday code stink went after the homes of Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein in trying to make the case against the U.S. supposedly going to war with syria. I mean seriously, I understand arguing the merits of the missile strikes against the bashar al asshat regime but talk about a bunch of professional protester losers just looking for an excuse to play dress up for some street theater.

As for today the freak show clearly must go on. This is another "no war on syria" protest going on but this time in Oakland according to where I lifted this photo image from. You see that fucken sign that reads "Assad is defending syria from the wrath of terrorism"? That kind of thinking pretty much sums up what is so very wrong with the left these days. And the fact that they have deluded themselves into believing that they're not enablers to jihadists and tyrants makes them ever more so pathetic.

BDS fail in Hayward
April 28 Update: Protests come and go and always end up being yesterday's news. But as you can see commerce between Israel and California is doing just fine and is a constant.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

ZIONESS at anti-gun rally in Sacramento

 Liberal and pro-Israel? Sounds too good to be true so I guess I still need to do my home work on these guys but for now read their manifesto and decide for your self. By the way I want that dog!

Left click to enlarge
I was just watching the movie Contraband with Mark Wahlberg on TNT. Check out the ZIM cargo containers to the left during a scene at a port in Panama City. It's a good movie I've seen it before but I never noticed this little surprise until today. FUBDS :)