Nice "peace activists" in the photos below huh?

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Marching for Israel at The 2018 Solano Stroll

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Happy Shona Tova! As you can see it was quite a nice day during the annual Solano Stroll street fair which stretches down Solano Avenue from Berkeley to Albany. There were also some of the garden variety leftist anti-Israel/pro-terror losers present but it was what I saw stuck on a cross walk light on Lakeshore avenue shortly after wards when I stopped for a bite to eat in Oakland.

Look at this crap. I like how these radical leftists are always using terms that make no sense to the situation. The "palestinians" today are the descendants of arab migration into the Kingdom of Judea (Biblical Israel) centuries after it had been occupied by foreign powers so really who's the actual colonizer here? Oh and on top of that let's go after Israel about everything that makes it exceptional in the Middle East such as it's liberal laws when it comes to LGBT rights or like this sticker does against Israel's cutting edge green technology. God forbid they should go after any other country in The Middle East that's full of everything that's wrong about the region such as tyrants that brutalize their own populations, religious extremism, tribalism, islamic terror, rampant corruption and dysfunction. I guess the leftists who came up with this idiotic sticker didn't stop to think for a minute that sending kites and balloons carrying fire bombs to burn acres of forests and farm land isn't exactly green either. Same goes for burning tires, it's all eco-terrorism and there's nothing green about it. This sort of delegitimization, demonetization and double standard is the hall mark of modern anti-Semitism as mostly practiced by the radical left.

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