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Friday, May 12, 2017

my name is rachel corrie is no Hamilton apparently

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So for two Sunday's in a row The Magic Theater (never heard of this place until this shit) in San Francisco has been featuring a one person play called "my name is rachel corrie". Some of you may remember rachel corrie (anti-Israel, pro-hamas, pro-BDS radical leftist) who thought it would be a good idea to get in the way of a CATERPILLAR bulldozer in the middle of a terror tunnel clearing operation. And in doing so she found out the hard way why areas that have heavy construction vehicles in operation always have posted warning signs about unauthorized personal entering the area. Anyways, the anti-Israel BDS (Brain Damaged Simpletons) have turned corrie into quite the propaganda dog n' pony show ever since and this stupid play is just the latest example.

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However it's actually the latest in a long line of BDS fails. It should also be noted that the corrie family tried to sue Caterpillar but like this play it went no where. See all those brown squares in the seating chart? Those are all empty seats as of the Friday night before the Sunday show of last weekend which was the final act. Now keep in mind this is already a pretty small venue as you can see and this shit is going on in San Francisco which should be pretty friendly territory to leftist shit like this. Yeah, when it comes to the performing arts I don't see "my name is rachel corrie" taking the spot light from Hamilton any time soon.

The two BDSholes who go under the youtube handle of "engineer" and "jung balosse" know exactly what this guy feels like : )

Pleasanton California Highway 580    May 12
And as BDS keeps on failing, ZIM keeps on truckin.


  1. Your wit is vitriolic buddy.

    1. these Brain Dead Schmucks (BDS) make it pretty easy.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks bro, although I along with this blog were much greater back when there used to be anti and pro-Israel demonstrations all the time around here. It was so much fun to go around and irritate the radical leftist terror supporters and then record it for YouTube.