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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Welcome to Hanu-Con

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So tonight in San Francisco while waiting in line for tonight's Beach Blanket Babylon show (at Club Fugazi) I noticed a group of people across the street decked out in Hanukkah themed clothing. I had to go check that out ofcourse as it turned out they were basically going around on the streets of San Francisco promoting Hanukkah and they described themselves as being a "Hanu-Con" (con short for convention). As you can see they were cool with me taking a group picture of them.
The show was also pretty cool it was my second time to Beach Blanket Babylon but the first time was about 10 years ago. But it was every bit as impressive as the first time with it's endless satire of current American pop culture and politics. And it was nice to see they even managed to work in a little bit of Jewish humor into the show with skits that had some funny word play such as "hava taquila at the bar mitzvah".

Pleasanton CA
December 27th Update: I'm posting the latest ZIM cargo container photo from just yesterday for two reasons. One, it's one of the rare occasions S.F. Bay Area where you see one on the road that features the Hebrew writing in the ZIM logo. Second, I'm also posting this as a big fuck you to the no dick having loser BDS idiot who goes by the youtube handle "engineer". That cargo container had thousands of dollars worth of Israeli goods for American consumers. Now, juxtapose that with your idiotic mind numbing rantings (ditto for your fellow BDShole Jew hating internet trolls) on the internet. Put simply, it's the difference between winners and losers. So how's that BDS workin out for ya "engineer"?

Hayward CA
December 30th Update: Ok how about one last update to close out 2016. Tis the season for more then usual ZIM cargo containers on the road apparently. Looking forward to another year filled with BDS fails and ZIM cargo containers loaded with thousands of dollars of Israeli goods all over S.F. Bay Area highways.

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