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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Taking a stand against against the islamic terror promoters at U.C. berkeley

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So just a couple of days ago radical leftist muslim students for terrorism had an event at UC berkeley which they had hyped on social media for quite a while. Aside from the pro-Israel students who took a stand against that shit it seems like the supporters of islamic terror didn't exactly appear to draw a huge crowd. Nice to see at least some of the student body at U.C. berkeley is more interested in getting an education that might land them a good job some day instead of wasting time watching a bunch of useless leftists demonstrating the virtues of being a professional islamic terror supporter masquerading as human rights activists.

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Wow, looks like business was booming at that hamas fundraising tent. I wonder if the 15-20 dollars of junk they sold that day will be sent to hamas directly or if they'll have to launder the money first? For more photos and information from that day here go to...

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October 31st update: Well how about that, look what I saw south bound on highway 80 going through berkeley today. Even in the midst of leftard idiots at UC berkeley doing fund raising for hamas by selling cheap dime store junk while ranting and raving to sparse crowds ZIM just keeps on truckin.


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    1. indeed, but it did give me something to have fun with in photoshop.