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Friday, June 24, 2016

Bill Clinton appearance in Hayward California

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So only two days after I got back from Israel (June 5th) Big Willy Styles appeared in downtown Hayward on a speaking tour to make the case for Hillary's presidential bid during the California primaries. Although during his Hayward speech he didn't touch on the Israeli Arab conflict but less then a month before he came to the defense of his wife who was being heckled by some leftard about gaza. Bill stepped in and set the record straight on that whole thing. As he put it "I killed myself trying to give the palestinians a state, we had a deal they turned it down". He also went on to speak to the issue of how hamas uses human shields and the impossible situation that puts Israel in. A video of the incident can be seen at the link below . . .


June 28th Update: Here's my latest ZIM photo as you know may know I like to take pictures of local ZIM cargo containers when ever I see one and post em. It's a constant reminder of the boisterous commerce between Israel and California and by extension America. And it's also a nice FU to BDS. And more to the point look at what can be found at grocery stores in Castro Valley of all places.

Castro Valley

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