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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sacramento and Ashkelon Israel now sister cities. Another BDS fail!

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After rigorous attempts by anti-Israel slime to stop the initiative for Sacramento and Ashkelon to become sister cities the city council of Sacramento never the less went forward with the motion. The relevant facts in the matter articulated well by speakers such as this man here played a part in yet another defeat for the BDS scum sucking bottom dwelling Jew haters of the anti-Israel bowel movement.

Many thanks to pro-Israel advocates in the SF Bay Area who made the 1+ hour drive to Sac. and shot these videos of the proceedings.


  1. I bet this really pissed them off! LOL

    1. oh yeah but they're quite persistent. it won't be long before the next BDS story turns up around here, i'll keep ya posted mate.

  2. Replies
    1. BDS, boycott divestment sanctions. i'm sure you can translate those words to French easy enough but basically those three words have to do with finding ways to economically hurt a business or country. the anti-Israel BDS assholes are always trying to find ways to hurt Israeli businesses or businesses that carry Israeli products or do business with Israeli companies. the Sacramento/Ashkelon sister city initiative will certainly help create increased cultural and economic ties between the two cities. there's been a lot more BDS activity going on like this then street demonstrations around here lately that's why you haven't seen any knew videos from me. fortunately just about all the BDS stuff the anti-Israel assholes try to push through end in failure just like this. but of course they always find some way to call it a victory.