Nice "peace activists" in the photos below huh?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Taking aim at iran, syria, david duke, ron paul and both the S.F. & Oakland occupy movements


  1. SP is coming to SF, what for? To get support for Obama??

    1. all i know is what's in the notice i got in my inbox yesterday but it's predicted that the Israel haters will show up there which means it will be show time for me again :) here's the info. as i received it:

      Come and Welcome the
      President of the State of Israel!
      Tuesday, March 6
      7:30 p.m.
      Congregation Emanu-El
      2 Lake Street (x Arguello)
      San Francisco
      Nobel Laureate President Shimon Peres will address the Jewish community on the theme of "Israel and the Jewish People: The Vision for Tomorrow." The Bay Area Jewish Community is invited.

      RSVP, with full name and phone number, required by March 4 to:

      Seating is limited. Please arrive early. A photo ID matching your RSVP name will be required for entry.

      This historic evening is hosted for our community by Congregation Emanu-El, and is co-sponsored by the Jewish Community Relations Council, Jewish Community Federations of San Francisco, the East Bay and Silicon Valley, and the Board of Rabbis of Northern California in cooperation with the Consulate General of Israel to the Pacific Northwest.

  2. Replies
    1. i'm going there for the same reason i always go to these things. to document, obstruct and irritate the anti-Israel libtards and put it on Youtube.


  4. I have shared your announcement on various FB pages.

  5. David, your camera/phone also holds the photos, not just your SD card!! You should still have photos!!

    1. i used a video cam not a cell phone camera. i don't think that thing holds the footage on anything other then the video card but i'll ask the friend who gave me the camera. in the meanwhile the local left wing media spin has started already. this turned up just last night:

      Three pepper-sprayed south of UC Berkeley campus following protest
      By Sarah Burns | Senior Staff
      Last Updated 12 hours Ago
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      Student groups disagree over Palestine resolution to form state
      Three people were pepper sprayed south of the UC Berkeley campus Saturday afternoon after a pro-Palestine protest staged in an intersection brought pro-Israel supporters, according to police.
      According to Berkeley Police Department Lt. Dave Frankel, a group of about 10 pro-Palestine demonstrators protesting Israeli occupation momentarily took over the intersection of Telegraph and Durant avenues so that they could chant and wave pro-Palestine signs Saturday afternoon.
      Two Israel supporters apparently had foreknowledge of the event and showed up at the intersection with pepper spray and began videotaping the protests and shouting counter chants, according to Frankel.
      Then, three people not involved with either sides of the protest tried to mediate the situation, at which point one of the pro-Israel protesters allegedly brandished the pepper spray and a stun gun at the non-involved individuals.
      In response, one of the three who had originally tried to deescalate the protests brandished a stick at the pro-Israel supporters, Frankel said. The two pro-Israel supporters then pepper sprayed the three non-involved individuals, according to Frankel.
      According to Frankel, officers responded to the scene after the department received several reports at around 2:24 p.m. of someone being pepper sprayed there.
      When the police arrived, the protesters had scattered but the pepper spray victims identified the two who allegedly sprayed them, signed citizen arrests forms and the two individuals accused of spraying were cited and released at the scene, according to Frankel.
      According to Frankel, Berkeley Fire Department paramedics showed up at the scene and decontaminated the three who had been sprayed but did not transport them to the hospital.
      Because neither the pro-Israel nor pro-Palestine supporters were pepper sprayed, the police department is not considering the incident a hate crime, Frankel said.
      Sarah Burns is the assistant city news editor.