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Saturday, November 12, 2011

S.F. Bay Area Women in Black: not anti-Israel, just anti-militant . . . yeah right! Watch the videos and judge for yourself

Notice how this flyer's opening paragraph starts to make the case for why the pro-palestinian agenda should be part of the Occupy Wall St. movement. Go ahead and left click on any portion of the flyer you want to enlarge for easier reading.
Here are some portions of the flyer's back side. I can't say I'm really familiar with most of the stuff in their recommended reading directory but I sure do recognize that book at the bottom of their published reading list. As for the websites they've got stuff like al-jazeera, jewish voice for "peace", electronic intifada and the anti-Israel Christian coalition of sabeel as sources to help "inform" you.
Woman in Black continue to insist they are not anti-Israel but with the exception of the U.S. sometimes they exclusively castigate Israel. They never make any mention of hamas or any islamic terror groups. And apparently places like pakistan (where bin laden was hiding out) don't seem to be on their radar when it comes to questionable financial military and financial foreign aid. To no surprise syria which has now slaughtered nearly 4000 people doesn't seem to fall under their anti-militant jurisdiction of who should be condemned.


  1. yes that too but there is something profoundly insidious how these people operate. if i went ahead and made that flyer like she suggested in the first video it would only have to say:

    syria could have 24/7 death camps operating all over the country while the "anti-militant only" women in black would still protest Israel and America exclusively. do you see anything wrong with this picture?

  2. A whole garbage truck by the looks of that list of websites!! When the gov wants to shift the blame and the attention away from its own deliberate fuck-ups, it stirs trouble in other areas.
    You could print up the flyer exactly in the same format, just change the content to pro-Israeli!! :))

  3. Juniper, make sure you also watch the bonus video.

  4. I will, if you watch this:

  5. I got this in my inbox: the nazis in EU are coming to power:

  6. oh great, these guys read like an ahmadinejad speech at the U.N.
    well so much for ties between Israel and Greece which were looking pretty good for a while there.