Nice "peace activists" in the photos below huh?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Occupy Oakland now has "Little palestine" district. Gee whiz that didn't take long.

The first few times I came to Occupy Oakland there was nearly a complete absence of any anti-Israel influence in the encampment. Less then a week later after hatem bezian's prayer sermon and speech we're seeing that the pro-palestinian agenda has started to slither into the scene here. Get a load of this sign and some of the places (which I circled) they consider to be occupied. Notice how the sign has "palestine" highlighted along with Oakland?

The photos below came from another source. As you can see some JVP screwballs (Jewish voice for "peace") were also there and were in on the hijack action of the movement with their anti-Israel agenda.


  1. Agreed!! Lets have a little Israel near by and bomb the fuckers!!

    Little fakestine!! arabs are the biggest occupiers, thieves of other people's land and property EVER!!

  2. it's 8 AM right now and i'm watching the local morning news as i'm getting ready for work. apparently the violence and vandalism was much more wide spread then what i even saw.
    another note of interest the first video only showed one of the three exchanges i had with that chick who had that fancy camera. after the 3rd time in which things became a little tense i was being being followed for the rest of my time at the encampment by some dudes who said they were there for my "protection".
    obviously they had an issue with me being there and documenting what was going on and the encroachment of the pro-palestinian agenda. which of course means that i am more motivated then ever to expose these leftist Israel bashing jackals for trying to hijack this movement which does have legitimate grievances when it comes to the economy and other domestic problems.

  3. David, if you get a chance, can you walk around and record the damage done to the bank and the other places? From what I saw, it was quite extensive. Shows you what animals these people really are. It should be documented.