Nice "peace activists" in the photos below huh?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Occupy San Francisco: Reloaded but penis shots censored this time

The first video may be the freakiest one I've ever uploaded! You know it's freaky when I upload a video in which the Israel hating leftists aren't the most disturbing part of it. I just have two words for you right now, anti circumcision. nuff said! You won't see the finger being given in these videos but I provided this still photo so you could rest assured I communicated my loathing to the Israel haters before I left San Francisco today. As for the Jesus guy in the other photo judge not lest you've seen that video first :)

Oct. 31 update
Alright! We're back in business with the first video!
Just this time with out the penis footage.


  1. David, the first video has been removed due to sexual content?? :((

  2. yeah i'm gonna work on having it edited so that i can upload it again. there were some guys in the crowd that were running around completely naked. i think they were some kind of anti-circumcision advocates. i'll let you know when i have it uploaded again i'm hoping it'll be sometime later today or at least by tomorrow.

  3. Gary, Juniper and everybody else who is reading this. i'm going to throw up a temporary copy of this video until i can get it edited properly so that you can at least see the basics of what when on in it, stand by.

  4. I'm reminded of Monty Python's penis song from The Meaning Of Life.

  5. i seem to recall that. S.F. at times like this is one big uncircumcised penis song.