Nice "peace activists" in the photos below huh?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Oakland Occupation Strikes Back: Islamic prayer groups & leftist Jews

Doctor Evil, hatem bezian leads an islamic prayer sermon in solidarity with the newly reoccupied Frank Ogawa Plaza in front of Oakland City Hall. bezian is a notorious anti-Israel "professor" at U.C. Berkeley and works in close association with anti-Israel muslim student groups like SJP (students for justice in "palestine") and the MSA (muslim student association). He makes frequent appearances at anti-Israel off campus events as well.

The vile leftist "rabbi" michael lerner was there too. Here's a direct quote from an ad he ran in an issue of The East Bay Express newspaper in August of 2010 for high holiday services at his cultist congregation: "We American Jews can atone for the treatment of palestinians by the government of the state of Israel and the failure of the American Jewish community to articulate a moral critique of those policies!". Oh and did I mention he's a big time supporter of the now discreted Goldstone report?


  1. I read a report yesterday of one of the occupy groups having to move out so that the arselifters could celebrate "their day" in the park being occupied. Not sure where now but I think it was further north of you. That would have been interesting.

  2. nothing quite so dramatic here yet as far as the arselifters are concerned this whole occupy thing in Oakland is taking a new turn every day now and it's hard to predict what's coming for sure.
    did you read the video description for the clip about michael lerner? he's such a leftist Jew piece of shit it was profoundly satisfying to give him a piece of my mind face to face for the first time ever.

  3. I think this bunch of nazi scum need a touch of the Gaddafy pre-death treatment, preferable with red hot pokers! Me first!!

  4. well whoever get's to have a fist shot at em if it gets recorded i bet Porky will be the first to post it.