Nice "peace activists" in the photos below huh?

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Speak of the devil it's Reem Ass-il from the Oakland bakery of terror in the pages of diablo magazine

terrorist mural at reems
What you see burning there is the little blurb reem ass-il from the Oakland bakery of terror managed to get in the pages of diablo magazine's October issue in the 40 Under 40 feature. I can only assume that diablo, which is a high end regional publication that mostly caters to the more affluent communities (hence forth more politically conservative) of The East Bay was not aware that reem supports convicted palestinian terrorist and murderer ratmea odor (born rasmea odeh). As of this posting Rat-mea has already been deported out of the United States to jordan (good riddance!) as part of a plea deal to avoid jail time for lying on her entry visa about her prior conviction and release through a prisoner swap. If you're interested in seeing some of the feed back diablo magazine got as a result of their unintended endorsement of palestinian terrorism here ya go...

On something of a side note here. reem ass-il attempted to level a frivolous law suite against peaceful activists protesting outside of her bakery of terror with it's glorifying mural of Ratmea Odor. I'm very happy to say it didn't go so well if you want the details...

Oh and look what just showed up in U.C. Berkeley's rag of a paper The Daily Californian. I bet you're surprised to see this huh coming out of a publication from this "liberal" and "progressive" campus where Israel seems to always be in the cross hairs of their "human rights" concerns where as just about every tyrant and islamic terrorist group in the Middle East (not to mention russia or N. korea) always seems to fly under the radar of those before mentioned human rights concerns. By the way this stupid ass snow flake joel mayorga can't draw worth a shit I can only assume that's supposed to be Alan Dershowitz who recently spoke on campus but in this badly done caricature he looks more like Harry Truman.

Remember this video where this guy went around on campus at Cal berkeley waving an ISIS flag and then an Israeli flag as a social experiment? If you haven't seen the video guess which flag got the positive feed back and which one got the negative feed back? Ya I know that's a real tough one so if you're totally stumped with that mystery here's the full video for your veiwing pleasure . . .


  1. Shut the fuck up you uneducated piece off...oh wait how does it feel to be harassed? You should really stop harassing people you don't even fucking know. That drawing is actually really good.

    1. well, as "uneducated" as i may be i'm going to never the less give you a few lessons...ready? lesson number 1, a drawing is when you illustrate something on a piece of paper with a pen or pencil. when you paint something on a wall with a brush it's called a mural...or graffiti if you use spray paint. lesson number 2, rat-mea odor is a convicted terrorist with blood on her hands who lied her way into the United States and was eventually caught like the rat she is. reem ass-il is an islamic terror apologist and people lawfully protesting her glorifying rat-mea odor is not harassment. on the flip side reem trying to use the law to silence those law abiding protesters is however harassment which is why she was forced to withdraw her frivolous law suite. lesson number 3, i'm sure the artist who did that rat-mea mural for reem could also do a "really good" drawing (mural) and capture the likeness of other known terrorists like osama bin laden but that would be so besides the point here. and the 4th and final lesson here is that quite simply you're a fucken idiot, class dismissed.

    2. Lol you mad?.... I would reply to your comment in a much more informative way that would help enlighten you but I don't like wasting my time with ignorant people like yourself who are hypocrites just as Alan Dershowitz is. AdiĆ³s!

    3. me mad? now way, i had a great day i got to make you look like a fool while having something while discovering something new to blog about.

    4. fool yourself...your opinion will be tabulated and duly ignored.

    5. well i'm very sorry to hear that it's been real nice talking to ya but who knows maybe i'll see you around sometime at the Oakland bakery of terror other wise known as reems.

    6. next time you go to reems try the bomb belt biscuits they're a real blast.