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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Nikki Haley a real life Wonder Woman fighting the evil forces at the UN

Just got done watching Nikki Haley's amazing speech at United Nazis (or UN for short). She was brilliant! She squarely laid the blame on hamas for all this shit and reminded the world that hamas is backed by the iranian regime which fired 20 missiles into Israel from syria just last week. She even brought up the swastika kite eco-terror tactics (missed by the media) utilized by the "peaceful protesters" that have been trying to swarm the Israel boarder for weeks now. Haley also blasted the UN's so called security council for once again not having it's priorities straight and obsessing over Israel with it's hypocrisy and bias. Thank you Nikki Haley for debunking yet again the latest hamas produced Pallywood production I wish you were our president!

Israel's eternal and undivided capital Jerusalem

Meanwhile in San Franpsycho today all Hell has broken loose...

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