Nice "peace activists" in the photos below huh?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Fauda a Netflix original Israeli series and why you need to see it

I'll make this as straight forward and simple as possible. Do you love Israel? Do you hate islamic terrorism? Do you like counter terrorist drama shows that seem to come straight from the news headlines like Homeland and 24? I started watching the Israeli counter terrorist thriller Fauda Saturday morning and kept going all the way till late at night until I finished the entire first season. Needles to say it was awesome and I can't wait till season 2 comes out. I highly recommend you also check it out if you answered yes to the opening questions in this posting.

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March 8th update: Photo taken yesterday in Pleasanton California.

March 13th update: Santa Clara based Intel buys Israeli tech firm Mobileye for 15 billion!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Nikki Haley on the United Nazis or just UN for short

WOW! What an impressive speech by newly appointed US ambassador to the United Nazis with some much needed straight talk to those fucken hypocritres. I'm starting to think Nikki Haley might be the one bright spot in an otherwise abyssal trump presidency given all the controversies he's caught up in general along his bro love for putin, the flynn resignation and all the waffling he's now doing on his promises to Israel. The UN "security counsel", just saying those words is like a joke that writes it's self.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My ZIM crushes your BDS

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Seeing a ZIM cargo container getting hauled along the highways of The San Francisco Bay Area packed with tons of Israeli goods is not that uncommon. But it's rare to find one with this color scheme as seen in Oakland today which I really like because it happens to be the same colors as the Israeli flag.

And there it goes leaving BDS in the proverbial dust.

Hey loser, how's that BDS workin out for ya? A mind is a terrible thing to waste on being a Brain Damaged Simpleton.

And speaking of leftist losers, as of 10 PM the local news is reporting some large scale riots going on at the campus of U.C. Berkeley over some conservative speaker (Milo Yiannopoulos) that was scheduled to do a presentation tonight. I have no idea who this speaker is but it's just typical of these leftist idiot fake liberals who can't stand the idea of other people's opinion that are different from their own. No peaceful protests going this is straight up an attempt to cause so much trouble that the event gets shut down all together. Well, once again so much for free speech and tolerance in the wonderful and oh so "liberal" and "progressive" San Francisco Bay Area. Keep in mind this is the same campus that had the filthy nation of islam witch doctor louise farrakahn as a guest speaker a few years ago with out any of this kind of shit going on.