Nice "peace activists" in the photos below huh?

Monday, July 4, 2016

In honor of so called al quds day this year

The filthy iranian regime is responsible for a number of horrible things such as sponsoring shiite terrorism around the world and the annual Holocaust denial cartoon contest. To no surprise they also started another filthy annual event known as "al-quds" (arabic for Jerusalem) day. It's a Jew hate fest filled with glorification of islamic terrorism and the infamous "Death to America" and "from the river to the sea . . . " chants pro-pali types around the world love to repeat like a broken record. Meet the new persian empire, same as the old persian empire. But as seen in my most recent trip to Israel there is only one Jerusalem and it very obviously is not ruled by iran or the palis . . .


  1. Lol,these are hilarious!I really feel sorry for the Persian people being into the clutches of theocracy, they're a historic people and deserve better.From what i've read about the situation there, the younger generation is really unhappy about that oppressive way of life.

    1. yes i've heard much the same however i think it was their destiny to end up as just another oppressive 3rd world theocracy once islam took hold of the culture.

    2. Cannot argue with that,and the problem for the rest of us is that Islam is a fundamentally aggressive religion ,their dogma is to convert or enslave.