Nice "peace activists" in the photos below huh?

Saturday, March 5, 2016

How to deal with terrorists that come to your college campus as so called guest speakers

From U.C. berkeley (ofcourse where else!?) this week. Terrorists like bassam tamimi can always rest assured that they will always find a home among the progressive intellectual elite of the far left student body on this campus. Remember, this is the same campus that invited louise farrakhan for some sort of commencement speech or whatever a few years ago.

March 9th Update: If you're not some useful idiot leftist college student you'll be happy to know that disgusting piece of shit terrorist in this video just got his visa revoked read all about it here . . .


  1. Tell them about Muhammad.
    How he raped 9 year old girl child, ect.
    Then make the point that these Muhammadans are following Muhammad's example.

    Then tell them the facts about Arab/Muhammadan colonization.
    First learn the facts, the numbers, and then talk.

    1. Just today I was reading on Arutz Sheva about how a bunch of the Arabs in the Knesset pledged allegiance to hezbolla and openly supported BDS. And this has been an ongoing thing for a while by the way. Now what do you think would happen to members of congress if they openly supported al-Qaeda and Isis while calling for BDS against the US? They would be thrown out of office and under investigation if not arrested the next day. And do you remember people of color holding any sort of political positions in govt. rather high or low during the apartheid era in South Africa? But do you think any of those fundamental facts make those leftist morons think twice about calling Israel an apartheid state? When in fact it's actually a democratic state with a serious case of political correctness infection. Radical leftists like the morons in this class live in thier own reality they're hopelessly lost in thier stupidity which is re-enforced by indoctrination institutes like cal Berkeley and Brown "university".