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Thursday, March 17, 2016

5 Step Recipe for Delicious Leftist Anti-Israel Propaganda Stew

1. Repeat inflammatory and misleading rhetoric like "war crimes" and "apartheid" over and over again over again and stir thoroughly night and day. Plus remember to always refer to the palestinians as the “indigenous” people even though over whelming archaeological and Biblical proof shows that is the ancestral and historic homeland of the Jewish people going back nearly four  thousand years.

2. Throw in some out right lies here and there such as how the IDF harvests palestinians organs

3. And don't forget about the lies of omission, very important! Despite the countless hamas rockets that go unanswered by Israel, the terror tunnels, the constant breaking of cease fires by hamas and documented use of human shields no matter what ALWAYS blame Israel 100% for all the goddamn fighting with it's mortal enemies.

4. Be sure not to forget to add a sprinkling of cherry picked facts like the casualty stats of gazans vs Israelis.

5. Always make sure to affirm that you are just an activist who is an anti-zionist only and not in any way anti-Semitic. all the other wars, conflicts and gross human rights abuses in boarder line failed states through out the Middle East are beside the point in your mission as a genuine activist. besides, "international law" only ever applies to Israel anyways.

Should be ready now to serve up to hungry radicalized muslims and leftist anti-Semites every where, especially on farcebook.

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