Nice "peace activists" in the photos below huh?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Insane Jew hating rant in San Francisco by hamas supporter on Black Friday 2012

We've got another great video from today that should be uploaded within a couple hours stay tuned . . .

. . . . and here it is, get ready to laugh your ass off!


  1. Damn dude, those people seriously need to chill and accept Jesus in their lives:)

    I didn't see anywhere where you talked about that guy's mom, so what the fuck was he talking about? Fucking weirdos. Maybe you should consider moving down here. That way at least you'll know up front that they don't like you and why. Sheesh.
    Oh, and doesn't that asshole know that pic of that dude in the tighty-whitties isn't you?
    Poor Shlomo.

    1. i'm like Superman Dale, i go where i'm needed :) by the way i think you intended to leave this comment on the posting just above this one no?

  2. All of you people need to chill and realize this "devil creature" has your hearts. Wishing to see anyone die or fall is obviously associated with evil. Wheres this golden rule teaching gone. We are all created in Gods image so we all have God within us all. Wake up & learn to think for yourselves.