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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

U.C. Davis leftist anti-Israel moron heckles IDF Arab & Jewish soldier's presentation

Some members from San Francisco Voice For Israel traveled to a Stand With Us sponsored event at U.C. Davies and captured this idiot on video Monday Feb. 27th. I'm happy to say that the IDF soldiers next appeared at U.C. Berkeley with out incident.

As too the flashmob incident in Berkeley on Saturday Feb. 25th here's what the U.C. Berkeley newspaper (Daily Californian) came up with. This article turned up online merely hours after the Saturday afternoon incident. Needless to say Sara Burns did quite a rush job on it which explains the glaring inaccuracies, misinformation and missing relevant facts in this article to put it mildly. More on this as the story unfolds. You should be able to magnify the article by left clicking on it.

Keep in mind before reading this article officer Frankel was not the officer who took statements or otherwise questioned the two pro-Israel individuals involved in the incident. Nice going Sarah so much for being fair and balanced it just goes to show you how it's not just conservative media that spin stories.
This photo below was recently sent to me (Thursday March 1st) after having been found on some Israel hater's Facebook page. On the same day Jweekly published a more reasonable account of what happened last Saturday that you can read at the link below the photo. Keep in mind nothing has been written about the incident thus far that takes into account statements made by the police officers who questioned the 2 pro-Israel advocates.
A more balanced story on the incident from Jweekly even though the writer didn't have much to work with:
On Feb. 25, two days before the start of “Israel Apartheid Week” on the U.C. Berkeley campus, Berkeley police cited two people for using pepper spray during a small pro-Palestinian street rally near the campus. According to a report in the Daily Californian student newspaper, two self-identified supporters of Israel — whose names were not divulged in the press account nor by Berkeley police — showed up at the rally carrying a video camera, pepper spray and a stun gun.

During a subsequent shouting match, the Daily Californian reported, three people uninvolved with the demonstration, one brandishing a large stick, approached the pro-Israel demonstrators and tried to mediate. At that point, the newspaper reported, the pro-Israel people sprayed pepper spray on the “mediators.” Police and paramedics were called to the scene, the paper reported, though no one was arrested and no one required hospitalization.


  1. fucking turd!!The extreme Hindu parties in India admire Hitler, so this guy may not be a muzzie! Unlike the TRUE Aryans, the Kurds.

    Well done with the pepper spray!! Wish I had been there!

  2. shoot, what bizarre laws!! only a "hate-crime" to spray nazi-pals?? Good deed for the day!!

    1. like with the occupy movement, which has an increasingly anti-Israel element growing in it i've seen how volatile these people can get when their politics are challenged even in a lawful manner. these leftist anti-Israel hate groups have a very insidious agenda and fear being exposed for what they're really all about. It was just me and my friend Ron who happens to be 66 years old. we did what we had to do to defend ourselves from hostile individuals who instigated a confrontation with us. the video i shot while there unfortunately is currently in police custody.
      at the moment the Israel haters have norman finklestein in their cross hairs. finklstein has been a fierce pro-palestinian critic of Israel for many years now. but recently for whatever reason has some what turned on his fan leftist fan base by publicly admitting the BDS (boycott, divestment & sanctions) movement is not about social and policy change in Israel but about Israel's elimination. check it out:

  3. It's funny how they don't like it when the tables get turned on them.

  4. D, you are a good guy. You are right it was bad taste. But I really loathe him and feel all options are on table with that dirty lying garbage.

    1. although i've found his presidency thus far a disappointment both domestically and on foreign policy i've never really been on board with a lot of the extreme rhetoric about him from either the far left or the far right. it's also important to remember the muslim world isn't too happy with him either. like the far left they basically consider Obama of being another George Bush. look what just happened that i found out about as i'm writing this comment:
      as a pro-Israel advocate there are many others out there who are more worthy of most of my scorn. and many of them are right here where i live. and as you know i deal with them in a very direct fashion in the real world and not just from a computer.