Nice "peace activists" in the photos below huh?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Revisiting occupied land in Oakland CA this weekend

Ya know it's the plaza in front of City Hall is where the "Wall St." style occupation is going on at in Oakland but as far as I'm concerned there's another occupation going on just a few blocks away. It's the occupation of a small retail space that temporarily houses the filthy bogus exhibit of children's art sponsored by that walking skeleton barabra luban from M.E.C.A. I decided to pay them a visit today since I remember how much fun I had there during the reception last month. That video is available on an earlier posting.

The two previous times I was at the tent city occupation in front of City Hall I didn't see any sort of islamic stuff going on. Then I started hearing these rumors of that whole pro-palestinian agenda weeding it's way into the whole movement this past week or so and today sure enough look what I find.


  1. yeah they were pretty homely. although i must say among the anti-Israel crowd there are the occasional hoties.

  2. It matters not what beauty is on the outside of a person, but beauty of the soul. :P And I wouldn't have bothered talking to them either Dave. Fruitless.

  3. ah so you saw my comment on the video about how pointless it would have been to have engaged with some young girls who most likely were brain washed converts. on the other matter despite the soul we guys just like to look given the opportunity :)

  4. Sharmutas just make me want to puke.